Payments and Shipping

The withdrawal of the product the customer is required to check the
Payment information

Art Prestige offers the following payment methods:
– In cash at the time of pick-up at the headquarters with down payment for start of work
– Bank transfer
– We accept payments via Satispay
– Recharge postepay online
– Postepay recharge from post office counter

You can request customized financing

Warnings on orders

– The finishes of our products that you see on the site are photos of the samples.
– The colors you see may be slightly altered by your monitor.
Small differences are commonly considered acceptable, since the final result always depends on the wood, a natural material and therefore always different. As for each sample, the finishes are therefore to be considered indicative.
Information Packaging and shipping

Our packaging can be defined as DOC in such a way as to guarantee the customer the receipt of the product at home intact in wooden boxes and bollimball.

Anumero dei colli and packaging conditions. If the packaging does not appear perfectly intact next to the signature on the bill must sign with the words “withdrawn with reserve damaged package”.
If the packaging is seriously damaged with certain damage to the internal content, sign with “goods rejected damaged package”.

In some cases the cost of shipping can also be considered excessive; it is good to clarify that sending items of value requires a series of slow and delicate operations, therefore, in some cases delivery can not be timely but can take up to thirty days.

In the case of shipping, the items are:
– Disassembled, where possible, from fragile parts
– Covered with cardboard and on the outside with layers of bollimball
– Labeled with transport documents
– Placed on pallets, if volume and weight require it

ATTENTION: If the goods are picked up in person, if you want a packaging service, in addition to paying the cost of the object, you will have to pay the indicative cost for this service. In the absence of requests in this regard, no type of packaging will be performed.

Shipping rules:

The costs necessary for shipping the goods are calculated on the actual size of the objects. The purchase of multiple items does NOT give the possibility of obtaining discounts on transport, since the company in charge of this service does NOT apply comulative rates but only on the exact volume.

Shipments are made only after registration of the payment. The time required for the credit of a bank transfer is equal to four / five working days: the passing of such time is not due to the delay of the shipment.

Carry out the payment transactions of the purchase price, we undertake to deliver the product to the carrier as quickly as possible. The transport will be paid by the buyer according to the delivery methods chosen. The terms indicated in the delivery options indicate the period of time normally necessary to deliver the products. We will do our best to receive the products within that period, but we can not be held liable for any damage resulting from any delay during transport.

The courier is required to notify the customer by telephone if the agreed delivery does not find anyone, the subsequent attempts (always granted by telephone) WILL BE CHARGED BY THE RECIPIENT IN CASH.

The delivery is intended as ROAD BORDER – CIVIC FRONT.

The Owner assumes no responsibility for the delay or failure to deliver the Product due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole or in part, to execute on time.



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